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Municipality of Balchik

Balchik is one of the most picturesque seaside towns in Bulgaria, which brings a feeling of tranquility and beauty. As a destination, it is particularly popular among families with children and those looking for a more relaxed holiday. In fact, Balchik also offers one of the most romantic views along the Northern Black Sea coast. Every corner hides charm, as the town is terraced along the coast, with picturesque white cliffs rising behind it. This makes it the perfect destination for a romantic getaway filled with beautiful panoramic sea views.
For the comfort of beachgoers, umbrellas and sunbeds are placed on the beaches, which add an additional touch to the charm of the promenade, dotted with colorful and cozy coastal establishments that offer a rich menu and fresh fish delicacies to their guests. The promenade has been completely renovated with flowers and greenery in the spirit of warm hospitality, the feeling that the picturesque Bulgarian resort leaves in every visitor.
Balchik keeps its shores clean, and the sea is shallow and smoothly transitions to deeper terrain, making it ideal for children. The beach is calm and relaxing, without unnecessary noise. However - anyone wishing to visit a more lively beach or resort - Albena is only a few minutes drive away.
Balchik has a lot of entertainment and attractions that can offer variety during your vacation. The extraordinary beauty of the city is manifested in its delightful architecture and streets that wind towards the top of the cliffs. From there there is a stunning view of the sea coast. Among the most famous sights are the Ethnographic Museum, the Church of St. Nicholas, as well as the wonderful Palace and the Botanical Garden.
Visiting the Botanical Garden is a unique experience for both young and old. Over 3000 rare and exotic species of plants can be seen there, but what impresses is the magical location of the complex. The rich vegetation and classical architecture make every visitor feel like royalty.
The botanical garden has established itself as an important tourist site. In addition, it is a cultural monument and a protected area.
The biggest attraction in the Botanical Garden is the permanent exhibition of cacti and succulents. Lovers of this type of plant can also enjoy the large outdoor cacti, as well as the corner with winter-hardy cacti. Of interest to specialists and tourists are the successfully introduced exotic species in the garden - the ancient ginkgo, the metasequoia (an individual of such size and age, outside the natural range, is only found in the Royal Botanic Garden in London), the candy and rubber tree, the stone oak, the large-flowered evergreen magnolia and others.
The palace also attracts with its extraordinary beauty and is an important part of our and Romanian history. Visiting Balchik for the first time in 1921, Queen Maria of Romania was charmed by the beauty and tranquility of the picturesque seashore and soon decided to return and stay there forever. Thus, in 1924, according to a project by Italian architects, the construction of the palace complex of the queen began. Maria had a strict requirement - that the man-made palace should not disturb the beauty and magnificence of the area that captured her heart.
Thus, the palace complex of Queen Maria becomes an exquisite work of art, in which various architectural elements in Old Bulgarian, Gothic, Oriental and Moorish styles are interwoven. The unique gardens of the Palace also bring a sense of different cultures, styles and beliefs. In this way, Queen Mary, who is a follower of the Baha'i religion, transforms into the Palace the unity of God, the faith and the whole human race.
Other interesting sights nearby are Lake Balchishka Tuzla and Batovsko Blato. If you prefer that the natural attractions do not involve a trek, then a visit to the Geranea Ecopark is also a good option.
There, children can meet different animals such as fallow deer, mouflons, roe deer, Cameroon goats, wild boars and many, many other species.
The combination of the unique beauty of nature, the amphitheater rocky coast, the preserved millennial history, the picturesque beaches, the crystal sea water and the irresistible offers of the many coastal restaurants make Balchik an attractive summer vacation destination for connoisseurs of coziness, tranquility and delicious food, combined with more extraordinary experiences among the timeless beauty of nature and exciting journeys through time!

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Municipality of Balchik

Balchik Kommune er et land præget af kultur, etnicitet og
syv civilisationers religioner. Byen Balchik er et unikt sted-
kombineret og nidkært bevaret den dag i dag vidnesbyrd om
vores forfædres eksistens fra umindelige tider. Monumenter af
forhistorisk, thrakisk, hellensk, romersk,
de byzantinske, bulgarsk-slaviske og osmanniske civilisationer
i dag giver de grund til, at dette velsignede område er
kaldet "Land med syv civilisationer".

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