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Municipality of Balchik

We all crave for the first sunlight after a cold winter. Our dreams lead us to the beach and we start planning the perfect summer vacation in Bulgaria. The resorts on the Black Sea are an attractive destination for many tourists. As they say, nothing is a coincidence in this life. Our seaside is famous for the fine sands, beautiful nature and the endless sea.
It is a true fairytale for the foreigners who come to Bulgaria every summer to spend a lovely vacation near the sea. It is not difficult to imagine how wonderful an experience you can have together with your family or friends.
Black Sea`s holidays are well-known. Besides, Bulgarian seaside resorts can offer unimaginable pleasures for everybody. The seaside resorts are capable of satisfying every kid`s desire. They will enjoy their time during the summer vacation in Bulgaria. However, children are not the only ones who will save marvellous memories from this family holiday. Their parents also will be offered to take part in some beach activities near the Black Sea.
Albena resort is one of the favourite places on the Bulgarian coastline. Of course, this is utterly understandable because of the many luxurious hotels and spas. If you look for an all-inclusive holiday in Bulgaria, here you can find great offers.
Summer is the perfect time to let everything go and just to relax at the beach. Bulgarian Black Sea`s holidays are remarkable because they take all fatigue away from us. At the end of the vacation, we will be able to go back to the office and give our best. Only a real summer holiday in Albena resort can give us the energy our soul and body need.
It is almost enchanting how lovely sunny days can be during our vacation. Unfortunately, they pass away too soon. However, this gives us a whole year to organize our next family holiday in Bulgaria. You need to assure that they don’t call it “paradise on Earth” by accident.

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Municipality of Balchik

Balchik Kommune er et land præget af kultur, etnicitet og
syv civilisationers religioner. Byen Balchik er et unikt sted-
kombineret og nidkært bevaret den dag i dag vidnesbyrd om
vores forfædres eksistens fra umindelige tider. Monumenter af
forhistorisk, thrakisk, hellensk, romersk,
de byzantinske, bulgarsk-slaviske og osmanniske civilisationer
i dag giver de grund til, at dette velsignede område er
kaldet "Land med syv civilisationer".

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