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Cape Town, South Africa

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ADORE Africa is a bespoke business-to-business tour operator, with our dynamic team based in Cape Town, South Africa. Our philosophy is simple, we promote hand-picked destinations & experiences that we know, and admire and where our guests can be assured of an immersive luxury experience in the most exquisite locations.

We are passionate about Golf & Adventure, Wildlife Safaris, Tropical Island, and Culinary Journeys defined by a seamless flow of tailored experiences crafted from the most comprehensive and discerning selection, always with ‘an eye on what matters.
We provide our global clients with a professional, high-quality travel consultancy and destination management service. Our superb knowledge, curated products and itineraries, competitive pricing, and preferred access to all that is exclusive and sought after in Southern and East Africa including the Indian Ocean Islands, set us apart. Complete with incomparable marketing collateral and the support of an energetic, experienced professional team.

With over 25 years of experience in the luxury travel industry, we are proud to be the experts in our field, presenting tours infused with quality, attention to detail, and awe-inspiring experiences. We differentiate ourselves by never compromising on the quality of the service, product, and overall experience, and will always deliver on our promises.

Imagine playing the finest fairways one moment and experiencing the greatest wildlife safaris on earth, the next? We offer true bucket-list destinations for people who just do not have the time to get it wrong.

We know your clients are unique, so we are here to treat them accordingly. Every requirement and every desire are considered before weaving the perfect journey together and our guides and operational experts are available 24/7.

Africa is our home — we’re fortunate to call it that — and we’re thrilled to share it with our fabulous clients.

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CEO | Founder

"My unwavering passion for Africa and my wish to share mesmerising experiences begins with a deep love and respect for this extraordinary continent of many worlds that lures people back time and time again." Your Next Incredible Journey To Africa Starts With ADORE Africa In Partnership With Caddie Golfrejser....🫶🏼



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