Paradores de Turismo de España

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Madrid, España

Madrid, España

Madrid, España

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Paradores celebrates its 95th anniversary in 2023. The Spanish public hotel chain is a unique concept of tourism in the world, where most of its hotels are located in unique places such as historic buildings, convents or palaces and/or in exceptional natural spaces. Paradores develops a quality tourism product, a benchmark for the Spanish hotel industry in the world.
One of the pillars of Paradores is the protection of historical heritage. Paradores works with the aim of recovering and sustaining the historical and artistic heritage through the tourist use of the buildings. Thanks to its conservation, it has managed to recover and maintain unique buildings ranging from medieval castles to convents and palaces dating back hundreds of years.
Another of the most important aspects of Paradores is art. Paradores exhibits in its hotels its magnificent art collection, made up of more than 9,000 pieces. In addition, some of its most emblematic hotels have been renovated with a focus on design and architecture.
Another of Paradores' main lines of action is sustainability. The hotel chain is committed to the circular economy and promotes more responsible production and consumption. Paradores has eliminated single-use plastic from all its rooms and consumes 100% electricity from renewable sources.
A good number of Paradores are located in spectacular natural areas, whether inland, on the coast or in the mountains. The public company carries out numerous actions to protect nature and biodiversity in collaboration with around fifty conservation NGOs.
It has also launched the "Nature for the Senses" (Naturaleza para los Sentidos) programme to promote sustainable ecotourism through an alliance with local companies to generate social, environmental and economic benefits in the areas where the Paradors are located. This programme is yet another example of the positive effect that Paradores' activities have on the places where their hotels are located. They revitalise economic, social and cultural activity, as well as employment in the area. Paradores is an important driving force for development in many depopulated areas of Spain.
In addition, Paradores is committed to rescuing the essence of local gastronomy in its restaurants. Paradores is firmly committed to local products and regional dishes prepared with products from the area in question.

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