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12. februar 2024 | OASE Outdoors / Outwell Telte

While a drive-away vehicle awning combines valuable extra living space with the ability to leave pitched while the campervan is used for daily adventures, anyone familiar with disconnecting and reconnecting it to their unit will confirm it is a bit of a chore – until now. Award-winning Scandinavian camping brand, Outwell, has introduced a superb new system that helps make connection a breeze.

No more wrestling with a Connector Set to attach a vehicle awning to the ‘van. Outwell has equipped its Superior Air Touring Collection with its new Drive Away Ready system – a modified Link Access Zone that zips onto the awning, with colour-coded tabs aiding positioning for quick, easy connection.

Now when you return from the day’s adventure you just park the vehicle in its original pitch position, easily pull the Link Access Zone beading through the vehicle’s channel, align the tabs and zip to the awning. Simple – even when doing this on your own!

The secret lies in the modified Link Access Zone. This unique two-door system used in Outwell vehicle awnings, provides close, full-length, fuss-free connection with vehicles, cutting out draughts and complementing the Outwell Sewn-in Ground System by creating a ‘hallway’ between vehicle and awning in which to shed wet and dirty gear.

The Link Access Zone normally uses a connection set that can be difficult to apply when attaching an awning to a campervan. By zipping the Link Access Zone to the vehicle awning, campers will find the Drive Away Ready system a quick and easy way to reconnect their campervan.

The Removable Access Zone spin-off that allows a campervan to be parked either side of an awning, also uses an adaptation of this system for easy pitching.

The Drive Away Ready system is not the only design evolution to improve comfort. The Link Access Zone may have a detachable groundsheet with in-built valance to prevent draughts entering from underneath a vehicle, but many awnings fail to exclude side draughts. Outwell has cured this with its Awning Sealing System that creates a close seal between the Link Access Zone and vehicle sides without compromising the use of the vehicle’s side door.

The benefits of the Link Access Zone evolution continue by providing the opportunity to use a Superior Air Touring vehicle awning with a panel van conversion. Tall Connection options for Crossville 250SA and Parkville 20SA adjusts the design to take the standard 175cm–200cm attachment height to 240cm–270cm. No longer do you have to change your awning when moving between motorhome types.

For further details find us in Hal C, stand 2600.

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OASE Outdoors / Outwell Telte

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